I will answer with psychic ability super brief 8 Q and A

answer with psychic ability super brief 8 Q and A

About This Gig

IMPORTANT:  Please message first with your initial scenario and only upon my message approval, would you place an order.  All orders without the above process may be CANCELLED.

I am the ORIGINAL Babysoftpink. This gig is a spin-off of my fortune reading gig using claircognizance psychic gift.  

The goal of this gig is to provide faster service, quicker turnaround time and more questions to my loyal customers, I can only offer yes or no answers to eight questions.  The eight questions can be of the same topic or different topics.  As the amount of service, time and energy allotted for this gig has already been much more cost effective to you than my original gig, there will be no detailed explanation given to any of the answers, you may consider ordering my flagship fortune reading gig or placing a secondary order if you need detailed explanation. 

You will receive answer to one follow up question if you order two gigs at the same time.  Please mention this offer in your order. 

Order Details

Super brief Q&A

Not in-depth discussion but quick yes or no, dates, etc.

10 days delivery