I will fortune read with my Claircognizance Gift and Tarot

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by desovador about 1 month ago
Great service as always ,no words can describe her power to deal with every situation .thanks
Reviewed by hawra700 8 months ago
Spot on. Everything I was feeling came through and I am confident in moving forward. Great reading,
Reviewed by realtygoddess over 1 year ago
She helped me to see past the obvious to the root of the matter. I've gained perspective from her words. Great insight
Reviewed by marigoldspirit over 1 year ago
Very good reading with BabysolftPink. She response back to you very fast and I'm a repeat customer. Highly recommended ! I will come back with you another reading. Take care .
Reviewed by jessicavictoria over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by pastime12 over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by pastime12 over 1 year ago
Thank you always!
Reviewed by pastime12 over 1 year ago
Very detailed. Thank your for really answering my question. I have a lot to place in perspective.
Reviewed by pastime12 over 1 year ago
You are the best. Very acurate helpful and patient willing to help :) your guide like you with me in my situation. Thank BSP :) xxX
Reviewed by padsaya over 1 year ago
Thanks BabySoftPink for giving truth and clarity to my readings!!! You've been so informative in delivering details about my finances and relationships....I do apologize for asking you about two different topics! It's a pleasure to know what my future will bring!!! I strongly recommend her!!!!
Reviewed by quickwitted over 1 year ago
Without telling you anything, you have seen how the situation is! Perfect! Thank u for your communication
Reviewed by christeller over 1 year ago
Very honest and extremely detailed.
Reviewed by adiagne over 1 year ago
Accurate reading. Amazing details mirror what was on my mind. Strongly recommend!!
Reviewed by daniel1964 over 1 year ago
Amazing reading. Thank you so much
Reviewed by padsaya over 1 year ago
Am a return customer for a reason. Good as Gold. Your empathic approach to your readings are 2nd to none.
Reviewed by ryanluo23 over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by mothmos over 1 year ago
It was an amazing experience, the reading enlightened me with such amazing clarification. Very compassionate and really over delivered. Many thanks for this BSF.
Reviewed by pretta1 over 1 year ago
Thank you as always!
Reviewed by pastime12 almost 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by pastime12 almost 2 years ago
fortune read with my Claircognizance Gift and Tarot
fortune read with my Claircognizance Gift and Tarot
fortune read with my Claircognizance Gift and Tarot
fortune read with my Claircognizance Gift and Tarot
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About This Gig

IMPORTANT:  Please message first with your initial scenario and only upon my message approval, would you place an order.  All orders without the above process may be CANCELLED.


I am the ORIGINAL Babysoftpink, top psychic at the big O & AnyBodyThere (ABT), as seen with 31K+ hits on the site. 

I hold a technical corporate post so I understand your life challenges. Reading is what I do to expand my universal consciousness. I am truthful, kind & non- judgmental. 

DON'T order if you cannot take the truth as I will tell it like it is. Always contact me if you have issues!

Pls advise which area of your life you'd like to focus.  

The more specific the question, the better. 

I will answer ONLY 3 questions to that area of concern. 

Relationship reading = 2 orders. 

READING report of 2.8K+ letters, 2-D delivery. 

PHOTO READ: Either TAROT or PHOTO READ, not both per order. 

Client Privacy is important to me.  :)

Your satisfaction is not guarantee.This is for entertainment purpose ONLY! Pls read: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/comment/83399#Comment_83399

Please DON'T order if you are feeling suicidal or 
a direct competitor on Fiverr or outside.  

Thanks for visiting. 
Much blessings to you <3

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer remote healing?
    Yes, please refer to my prayer services. You can order that gig to receive remote healing from me as well.
  • Do you offer spell work?
    Please contact me for details. Depending on your situation, there may be other alternative methods besides spellwork.
  • Do you do tea leaf reading?
    No, not at this time.
  • Do you offer painting of my spirit guide?
    Yes, it may be available in the future as I work out the delivery method. Digital delivery is still the best exchanges on Fiverr between clients and myself at this time.
  • Why do you ask potential clients to contact first?
    This is an excellent question. Often we have to agree on basic principles in order for me to read you. There are also situations where I cannot assist or not permitted to read you. All of these depend on one's circumstances but ultimately i want the best reader unique to your needs to help you.