I will fortune tell using Cowrieshell Divination, IChing

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fortune tell using Cowrieshell Divination, IChing
fortune tell using Cowrieshell Divination, IChing
fortune tell using Cowrieshell Divination, IChing

About This Gig

***IMPORTANT:  Please contact me prior to ordering, I-Ching may not be suitable to highly specific questions. Therefore, it may not serve your needs.  ALL orders without prior consultation may be subject to cancellation at any time without exceptions. ***

Chinese divination, I-Ching has long been employed by ancient emperor to foretell the future.  Now, I bring it to you at Fiverr for a friction of the cost without sacrificing its effectiveness and accuracy.  

I will use three coins and flip it six times inside a shell in one setting. Depending on its unique arrangement, I will answer your question in a way that is constructive to your problem solving.  Though it may be always necessarily be all positive and things that you wish to hear.  So please order with caution and the understanding that I have no control of the outcome. 

This order comes with 1 scripture in Chinese and my interpretation of the result.  The scripture will be delivered as an image and may appear in the gallery of my work portfolio.

Thanks for visiting this gig. May you have a wonderful time on Fiverr. 

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Order Details

10 days delivery

I Ching

Fortune tell with i-Ching. Suitable for y/n questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is I-Ching going to address very specific issues? For instance, would this confirm that I will receive a promotion in x number of months?
    The universe will provide an exact answer, other times, it will not. Everything that happens is for the good of you. I will try my best to answer you, however, answers are not always a "yes" or a "no" as you hold the ultimate power to achieve your goal in the future and I am here to help you!
  • Is I-Ching different from your flagship reading?
    Yes, my customized readings are very different from I-Ching because there are more interpretations and variations available when you are working with multiple cards as supposed to one divination. When in doubt, ask me if I-Ching is appropriate for your inquiry.