I will answer your organic chemistry question

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answer your organic chemistry question
answer your organic chemistry question
answer your organic chemistry question
answer your organic chemistry question

About This Gig

Recently retired professor of organic chemistry is available for Individual one-on-one online tutoring via interactive Skype with screen-sharing.  

Tutor's background includes 37 years teaching and research experience at two major U. S. State universities along with 16 years experience as an MCAT content contributor in Organic Chemistry and Bio-Organic Chemistry.

You may use Fiverr to try out my tutoring services. For only $5 I will provide a complete answer to any one question that deals with a problem in college level organic chemistry - - an organic reaction mechanism, a multistep organic synthesis, interpretation of an IR or NMR spectrum - you name it!

Answers that requires lengthy explanation are supported by relevant study materials and/or literature citations.

Related services include preparing practice problems and sample exam questions with answers.

Help is on the way!

Where else can you invest $5 to obtain 37 years' worth of teaching experience designed to help you to ace your organic chemistry class and/or to review for an upcoming MCAT or GRE test?