I will post 5 high quality blog comments

post 5 high quality blog comments

About This Gig

Many new websites start off slow, and new readers are hesitant to make that first move (Gasp! I can't be the first to leave a comment--I'll be that lonely one person) while leaving your article/blog less engaging.

I've been there.

If someone leaves feedback to your article providing a keyword related to your niche, then it increases its chances of a higher page rank for that keyword!! Feedback will show the almighty Google that people are getting what they searched for when landing your site. Plus, you've got someone increasing your time spent on an article and reducing your bounce rate! I will leave five comments on YOUR website.

I will READ 5 article/blog post and post an engaging and insightful responses that will entice others to join in on the conversation:

For $5

- READ 5 post
- Write five comments (50 - 100 words) for five different posts (or the same post under three different email accounts).
- I'll include a keyword (you choose or I can)

*NOTE: I don't work with sites promoting hatred or for adult sites. I like to keep my content CLEAN.

Order Details

2 days delivery

write 5 engaging blog comments

post 5 comments on 5 articles or blogs on separate days to avoid looking fake

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