I will analyze your Research data using SPSS with excel charts

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analyze your Research data using SPSS with excel charts
analyze your Research data using SPSS with excel charts
analyze your Research data using SPSS with excel charts

About This Gig

Data analysis using SPSS at Fiverr.com - best gig with +ve feed backs

☛  After diligent effort on acquiring data to the point that it won't display the clear picture of error in the analysis

Get an expert who has the needed tools to bring out the intents of data

I will INPUT, Analyze your Data set, Interpret the result and present it to you with detail explanation on SPSS or Excel based on the RAW data you sent.

PROCEDURES for Data analysis:

  • Linear Regression
  • Multiple linear regression
  • ANOVA Table
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • hypothesis and t tests
  • Chi-Square
  • Graphs and Tables
  • Correlation

Why you should choose me?

  • Top quality data analyzing with SPSS for you
  • No disappointment after placing the order
  • Unlimited Revision till the customer is satisfied
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction is always Guaranteed
  • Exclusive chart

✦✦We provide you :-✦✦ Data analysis with a Smile :)


All what you need to do is send me your raw data in SPSS, GOOGLE FORM, EXCEL or in any raw form

I will provide the best quality work available with professionalism touch

☛ *** Please notify me before you send your order. Thanks ***

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is data analysis?
    Data analysis is the analysis of research findings. Analysis to depict environmental situation statistically..
  • How does this gig work?
    The gig works by making use of branded questionnaire for your data to be analyzed with SPSS for analysis to create your research analysis professionally. Statistical tool like Descriptive (frequency) and Inferential statistics (Regression, Anova etc.) is done.
  • Why choose me? 1
    When you work with me to analyze your data, I do not simply fill out the fields, copying and pasting your data. My mission is to strategically align your data to your goals and target objectives so you can be happy with your project research. My goal is to make sure you are 100% happy
  • Can you analyze data from other accent to english accent
    Of course, I have a team of SPSS expert with diverse knowledge of different accents in Europe and north America! That won't be a problem
  • Why choose me? 2
    1. Strategy & Goals Before i start data analyzing, we must first know your strategy & goals. 1. Professional Interpretation of analyzed data from SPSS 2. Attractive charts to trending with excel format 3. Prospect for Showcase your unique Research Project
  • Do you Translate to English as well?
    Yes, I also translate English to Hebrew, Spanish, French German e.etc.
  • Why choose me? 3
    Information Gathering With your goal and your target audience in mind, we then gather your background information Understanding your background, we craft from your unique research data in a manner that professional research analysis and compels them to reach out to learn more
  • What is your data analysis coverage
    Data analysis is a part of any project research usually CHAPTER FOUR of any research. It can be in form of charts/graphs and interpretation or Hypothesis testing which can be any Inferential statistics. It's use to analyze the research from acquired data. I will analyze/manage the whole chapter 4!!