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be HELPFUL beta reader

About This Gig

Every successful author has beta readers. They are crucial to your success. It's always better to hear your story is bad before you hit the publish button.

Your friends love you too much to tell you your story sucks or they don't understand the story structure to give you helpful comments. 

It's not their fault. They are readers, not editors.

It's impossible to look at your story objectively. I know from experience. 

My goal is to help you with specific comments so you can create more compelling read. 

Crappy story=crappy sales

I offer deeper comments than simple "I can't connect to your protagonist." or "It's boring."

BASIC GIG=4000 words


 This is NOT copyediting/proofreading gig.


For $5 you have nothing to lose so buy now with confidence! 

Nothing makes me happier than helping indie authors succeed. 

Contact me for custom offers!

If your book comes with trigger warning, please contact me too.

Don't order multiple gigs! Contact meto send you a custom offer if you need more than one basic gig.

Thank you!

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7 days delivery


Beta read 4000 words of your story.

  • Up to 4000 Words
  • Feedback