I will give you highly profitable Forex Strategy

give you highly profitable Forex Strategy
give you highly profitable Forex Strategy
give you highly profitable Forex Strategy

About This Gig

I'm offering extremely successfull forex trading strategy.I worked on this strategy for more than 6 months and its my custom based Strategy,Not copied from anyone or anywhere.I spend more than 6 months day and night developing this strategy and I tested this strategy live for 6 months and its results are extremely unbelievable,in Worst market Conditions It will give you minimum atleast 1000-2000 pips monthly profit and If you use my recommended volume lot size on this strategy then you will be generate atleast 100%-170% monthly minimum profit in worst market conditions.However profit can go upto 5000-8000 pips (400%-600%) monthly.

Note: There will be no refunds once Strategy is delivered to you.I have tested this strategy personally for more than 6 months on live account and backtested it for previous 5 years.Results are 100% accurate and winning.Once Strategy Method is delivered to you There will be no refunds accepted after.So please dont order this GIG If you have any doubts or plans to do such thing.
Disclaimer:If you have decided to order this Gig Then you agree That you will not dispute or claim for refund on this Gig once Forex Strategy is delivered to you.

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1 day delivery

ZIGZAG Bulls&BEARS Forex Strategy

I will give you a successful Forex Strategy with minimum 2000 pips profit per month

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I dont like this strategy or results are not accurate will you refund us?
    Strategy has been tested over 100 times on live account during 6 months period and backtested dozens of time on previous 5 years of period there is no way That This Strategy can fail or give you loss.So probaly you're doing something wrong.due to sensitivity of this GIG Order We dont offer Refund.
  • How much profit I should expect monthly?
    Averagely I make 3000-45000 pips profit monthly using this strategy by working 10-12 hours daily.However it depends how many trades you catch and pairs you work on and for sure how much time you spend.
  • is there any chance of lossing any trade in this Strategy?
    ofcourse There will be a losing trade at some point.But at the end of the day You will be in Profit.Ratio of lossing trade is alot less than winning trades.Its like 1 or 2 in every 10 trades.
  • How much drawdown is expected?
    There should be no Draw Down at first place If you follow Strategy rules carefully,chances are very unlikely but you can expect maximum 5% to 10% Draw down in worst scenario.
  • Is this strategy copied or stolen from some forum or site?
    No This is my own custom based strategy and I spend alot of time on developing this Strategy.gone through thousands of forums and sites never found this Type of Strategy.