I will draw you in cartoon or anime style

Great drawing, great likeness! :) Would recommend.
Reviewed by megamite 7 months ago
Nice Work!
Reviewed by cmiwestley 12 months ago
An absolute pleasure to work with!!
Reviewed by themimitproject about 1 year ago
Lovely!!! Simply perfect. She always create the illustrations as I describe them. I will buy more soon for sure! <3
Reviewed by kizami about 2 years ago
Perfect job as always! It looks beautiful, I love how she looks :3 Thank you very much, I love your art style :D
Reviewed by kizami about 2 years ago
It looks really Nice. Thank you!
Reviewed by nanna87 over 2 years ago
Bamboob again did a wonderful job in creating a terrific animation image exactly to my specifications....great to work with such a nice professional.
Reviewed by earlydetectdoc almost 3 years ago
couldn't have imagined better. perfect! :)
Reviewed by alel2036 almost 3 years ago
Bamboob is terrific...very responsive. great artistry
Reviewed by earlydetectdoc almost 3 years ago
Very quick and responsive.....a true artist with wonderful animation graphic skills. Highly recommended
Reviewed by earlydetectdoc almost 3 years ago
Fantastic work, totally awesome!
Reviewed by dkt91 about 3 years ago
Reviewed by jonathanleemc about 3 years ago
Love how friendly she is, very customer orientated. Needless to say she produces awesome work. I'll come back for her.
Reviewed by jonathanleemc about 3 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by bkboosters about 3 years ago
hooray!... You got a thumbs up from amirsh
Reviewed by amirsh about 3 years ago
It was amazing. Wonderful job and very quick.
Reviewed by blan487 over 3 years ago
This turned out better then I could have expected! Thank you so much!
Reviewed by greenlinenshirt over 3 years ago
awesome work, and very fast! :D
Reviewed by bloodywarriorhd over 3 years ago
Thanks! That's so cool! Highly recommended seller. I'll be back. :)
Reviewed by skitter77 over 3 years ago
so cute!
Reviewed by sjoannef about 4 years ago
draw you in cartoon or anime style

About This Gig

I will draw anyone you want in my chibi style. I can be you, your friend or any anime/manga/game/cartoon character of your choice. It will be colored. I'll draw you in the clothes you're wearing in the picture you send me, but you can also pick another outfit if you want to. If you want it as an icon or avatar, I'll send you the original picture, and I'll also crop and resize it the size you need it. Two people=two gigs.
Simple backgrounds such as just a color or gradients are for free, a more complicated background is one extra gig.

Order Details

one person

I will draw your portrait on a white bg or gradient color bg.

  • Color
  • 1 Figure
5 days delivery 1 Revision