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give slim down cookbook
give slim down cookbook

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Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. here   we live and
eat by. Luckily, research has found that enjoying delicious meals is a smart
and effective way to slim down and get healthy. The reason: When you eat
food that’s full of flavor, you feel happy and satisfied, and you’re less likely
to mindlessly much on whatever in your cupboards or on the snack
table at work. That can add up to hundreds of calories saved every day.
And you get to eat what you love!
That’s what this cookbook is all about. Our recipes are designed to be as
tasty as they are nutritious. They’re based on our science-backed diet plan:
a 300-calorie breakfast + a 400-calorie lunch + a 500-calorie dinner
+ two 150-calorie snacks = results. So you’ll eat well, lose weight, feel
great, and keep the pounds off for good. The meals are easy to make, too,
with ingredients that are already in your kitchen. You’ll dig into dishes like
Peaches ’n Cream Crepes (page 5) and Steak and Pepper Tacos (page 24)
and never, ever feel hungry or deprived.
Forget about diets. This way of eating is a
lifestyle you’ll love, which is why it works.
It’s as deliciously simple as that