About This Gig

Greetings friends! They say a picture is worth 1000 narratives. I am a narrative designer for Banat Banat Ban Jai: Narrative Designed Interiors. What does your space say about you? Are you looking for an interior change using what you already have? Narrative design is about understanding that the contents of your space tells a profound story about who you are. Are you interested in finding out what your space says about you from a designer's perspective? Are you fed-up with your interior look and are after something more? For a fiverr, I will give you a narrative design analysis of one room of your choice! I will also offer suggestions for you to execute immediate changes in that space. Just send me no more than 10 (good quality photographs) of the room and a bit of information about yourself.I will then ask you a series of questions about some of the design decisions you have made in the room. Once you have replied I will be able to send through your analysis. I look forward to doing a narrative design analysis on your room & working with you.