I will write an original satirical article in 24hrs


About This Gig

I will write an original article of about 200-500 words in length for you about any matter satirical like the onion . Also optional is a response/commentary style article making light of a position or policy of course you get to pick which side the article is on (no extra charge).

"Why so short? " I hear you cry.

Its harder to keep it funny at longer lengths.

Can't spoil the punchline.

Oh and the article is yours to do what you will with it. Feel free to resale it the only condition being that if it gets in a magazine send me a picture.( My ego is insatiable)

Politics and current events is my specialty but I am also fairly knowledgeable of a variety of topics including

  • weight loss
  • personal finance
  • relationship advice
  •  meditation and religious studies
  • video games and technology

All articles are written by me, not contracted out work. 
If you're looking for long-term work send me a message.
If you are dissatisfied for any reason I will revise it for you until you are satisfied.

attached are the covers of two commissioned books that I was hired to write and they will soon be available for purchase in about 1 month. (Artwork not final).

Order Details

just one article

I promise to write one article between 200-500 words

  • Topic Research
3 days delivery