About This Gig

OVER 4,000 sales ! TOP-RATED SELLER, Let me make a video for you about one minute long that will announce your event, store, product, etc, in a fun way....as a Televangelist/Preacher. I draw out the words in preacher-ese, so as to give it that famous diction we all love to hate. Nothing irreverent is produced, please. I can refuse any assignment. will wear a white dress shirt w/dark coat, looks professional See more at http://youtu.be/o1apVU6tgNs Please be as detailed as you can (within reason) with what you want me to include. If you have an event with Church A being the sponsor, and Church B having the location, please tell me who and what, so I don t need to guess. It saves us both a lot of grief. Be aware that while I am happy to re-shoot ONCE that does not please you, I won t do that (free) if YOUR instructions did not include what you wanted to see/hear. I am not a mind-reader, so don t expect me to figure it out . Pronunciations are YOUR responsibility; make SURE I understand them, no re-shoots or refunds for this. If you want a product displayed ($5 fee) contact me first please, Before you order. thank you!!!! :-)

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