I will make a fun video, as a preacher, for your next website, party, email

Great work and delivery, thank you so much Chuck!
Reviewed by dshen135 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by hunterzpointz 4 months ago
Good work and timely delivery. Will be continously using this seller.
Reviewed by bentash 9 months ago
Great Work, Preacher! This the third gig I have ordered from this seller, and have been completely satisfied with all three. The seller delivered on time and I never had to repeat or revised my works. Naturally, I will continue to work with him/.... I recommend without reservations...
Reviewed by bentash 9 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by greesh69 11 months ago
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You deserve every star!!! I can't wait for the next project we can work together on.
Reviewed by pianoman912 about 1 year ago
This is one of the most brilliant ideas around and the "Preacher" pulls it off with amazing understanding of what you want. He was right on the money with what he did for me and if there was a collection basket near, I would pop another 20 bucks in just because the "sermon" was that good!
Reviewed by terrymcmanus over 1 year ago
Great!! Te best!!
Reviewed by drgmarketing over 1 year ago
High professionalism and dedication. Outstanding experience. Will use again
Reviewed by suryah over 1 year ago
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant
Reviewed by scottmcg over 1 year ago
I have #1 an Amazon Best Seller "How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Follower" I saw the preacher man's video and I couldn't stop laughing. I wondered if he could make one for my book. I knew it had to be over the top and outrageously funny. He delivered! FIVE BIG STARS!!!! http://bit.ly/1aL
Reviewed by mistersalesman almost 2 years ago
Outstanding! Preacher Man cracks us up - and what a better way to congratulate one of our own, than with a special message just for him from Preacher Man. It's a glorious day!
Reviewed by compendiumusa almost 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by compendiumusa about 2 years ago
He did it again- this guy is just great!
Reviewed by maxwell99 over 2 years ago
Hilarious!!! Thanks so much!
Reviewed by kreddyhvc over 2 years ago
Very good response from the seller and very easy to work with. product not in high quality. (sound and picture needs improvements)
Reviewed by epadan over 2 years ago
Pleasure doing business
Reviewed by andrewmcintyre over 2 years ago
Amazing service. Really awesome performer. WOULD DEFINITELY BUY AGAIN! Thanks Preacher Dude! A++
Reviewed by scspeier over 2 years ago
Once again, an unbelievable video! This guy is the best thing on the internet!
Reviewed by mikewolman over 2 years ago
Great Gig! Awesome Job--AMEN!!
Reviewed by tryjohnson over 2 years ago
make a fun video, as a preacher, for your next website, party, email
make a fun video, as a preacher, for your next website, party, email
make a fun video, as a preacher, for your next website, party, email

About This Gig

OVER 4,000 sales.....TOP-RATED SELLER....Let me make a video for you about one minute long that will announce your event, store, product, etc, in a fun way....as a Televangelist/Preacher. I draw out the words in preacher-ese, so as to give it that famous diction we all love to hate. Nothing irreverent is produced, please. I can refuse any assignment. will wear a white dress shirt w/dark coat, looks professional See more at http://youtu.be/o1apVU6tgNs Please be as detailed as you can (within reason) with what you want me to include. If you have an event with Church A being the sponsor, and Church B having the location, please tell me who and what, so I don t need to guess. It saves us both a lot of grief. Be aware that while I am happy to re-shoot a video that does not please you, I won t do that (free) if YOUR instructions did not include what you wanted to see/hear. I am not a mind-reader, so don t expect me to figure it out thank you!!!! Send text (100 words or less) with 5 Bullet-Points. No Refunds, ONE Free Modification only.