I will write an oRiGiNaL ARTICLE

write an oRiGiNaL ARTICLE

About This Gig

watch: https://youtu.be/4h-8kaLCBMs OVER 4,000 sales ! TOP-RATED SELLER.... I am a college-educated, and very talented writer, author, and marketer. I have had years of experience in crafting excellent articles from NOTHING...that takes talent. Send me your info; what you want it to be about....space ships, carnivals, politics, or the cost of candy....it doesn't matter. I can write an excellent article about anything. I WILL send you a questionnaire to get more info....so be prepared to work on this a bit. I'd rather not work alone, but I can.... I will provide a 100 word article....more, if you care to move-up to an Optional Extra? This might seem expensive, but if it were easy, you would have this finished by now, right? I can even tweak it for SEO. Good writing takes talent, education and an end vision in mind. I hope that you will work with me (just a bit) to create the BEST for your needs. I deliver in Word docx. this takes 5 days, sometimes less (depends on my work load) I have 20 gigs on Fiverr, plus lots of other responsibilities elsewhere . Yes, I am busy, but I am focused and capable...Let's do this thing.
No Refunds, ONE Free Modification only.