I will promote your music or band

promote your music or band
promote your music or band

About This Gig

Let me show you how to drive additional traffic to your or YouTube, SoundCloud channel by using wave.cat 

wave.cat offers an unique visual format for playlists and I can edit a page to give your band a fully-annotated wave.cat page which really stands out.

wave.cat playlists feature full page graphics and links to all of a band's web pages: G+ YouTube, Patreon, Wikipedia, iTunes and own web pages.

The page will be SEO rich in content and help viewers to drive music to the pages you nominate.

If you want to promote your band by association with well-known music in a similar style or genre, see my extra gigs for ideas as to how you can make the best use of wave.cat to boost traffic to your pages.

Let me make a wave.cat playlist for you now!

NB If you order this gig on a Friday, it may take a little longer - we don't work during weekends, so please be sure to order in time to avoid disappointment!