I will do tertiary research for you

do tertiary research for you

About This Gig

Yes,I know!!! All these Marketing Geniuses are providing you very good services. Still, come and see what you are missing. 

I won't guarantee you the moon if you are dissatisfied with my work but I will bet my entire career as a Market Analyst for it. 

The List:
Marketing message, branding, promotion, brand value resonance model, core competency, augmentation, SWOT/SWOCH, Value Creation, 3V Model, STP analysis, needs>wants>demands model, scatter diagram, brand extension, Vision>Mission>Goal,  GE Mckinsey Matrix, correlation and regression analysis, sample and marketing hypothesis testing and trust me I can go all day but the list will not end. 

I am not trying to impress you with these but trying to deliver a message that market analysis seeks for specification and treatment!!!

I will Solve your problems using my root level experience and to assist it my marketing tool kit will be your business calculator. 
I offer you:
The Leading Report (Persuading buyers, sellers and for small bank loans, 150-225 USD)

The Industry Report (Marketing, Managerial, HRM aspects, Small financials 299-799 USD)

Tertiary Report* (1000-22,500)*

However, contact me for any marketing issue and I will help you out.  

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