I will throw the bones and consult the spirits for you

throw the bones and consult the spirits for you
throw the bones and consult the spirits for you
throw the bones and consult the spirits for you
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About This Gig

Whether you're struggling with something spiritually or in everyday life, bone divination can highlight areas where focus is needed and identify alternative ways forward.

Throwing the bones is an ancient divination method that can be found in numerous cultures across the world. It uses ethically obtained animal bones and teeth, as well as other curios, to engage in an active conversation with the spirits residing within each piece.

Each piece & bone is imbued with its own individual spirit, providing insight into situations, identifying obstacles, & helping you to develop a plan of action. Offering straightforward advice, the bones will tell you what you need to hear -regardless of whether or not that's what you want to hear.

Basic Gig is perfect for quick or yes/no questions.
Standard Gig is great for an overview of a situation.
Premium Gig is ideal for complex situations or where the most detail is needed

~Add a Tarot Reading or additional Bone Throw in the extras for the most insight!~ 

For answers to specific problems, magickal & spiritual advice is also available!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much personal information do you need to make a connection?
    Very little! A simple question & your screenname is enough. However, more info (eg brief background of the situation, what you are specifically hoping to learn, etc) makes that connection easier to forge & allows me to provide you with a more detailed reading.
  • I don’t have a question, but this situation has me feeling lost & overwhelmed, can you help?
    Yes. My bone kit & I excel in looking at a situation & providing you with more information that is objective & nonjudgmental. We can uncover obstacles & challenges that you may not be fully aware of as well as identify areas where more opportunity exists than is readily apparent.
  • Can you predict my future?
    Trying to pinpoint the distant future is tricky -so much can happen between now & then that creates change, often making it so the predicted event can no longer come to be. In looking at present events, things that are concrete & will happen in the near future will be discussed within a reading.
  • Can you tell me the winning lotto numbers? What can I do to make my cheating ex come back? Will I ever be rich & famous?
    If you want a quick fix, to be coddled & told your inaction is ok, or be told there’s hope when you’re focused on fantasy, I’m not the diviner for you. If you want actionable info, to take charge of your life, to be gently told when you’re to blame so you can make changes &improvements, I can help.