I will export All Organic keywords Of 4 Websites for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
export All Organic keywords Of 4 Websites
export All Organic keywords Of 4 Websites

About This Gig

I will export all of the organic keywords of 4 websites of your own choice. If you really want to beat your competitors then it is must for you to know about their organic keywords i.e for which keyword did they're getting traffic from google. 

Here if you want to get to know about organic keyword of any website then this gig is specially for you.

It is no problem for me, for how many keywords they're getting. why not it exceed quantity of 1000 or any other. I will export each and every single keyword.

Get this gig, set back and try to target one by one.

 You will be able to get:

  1. Every single keyword of website.
  2. Their position in search result.
  3. Their previous position
  4. Search volume for each keyword
  5. CPC for each keyword
  6. Competition for that keyword
  7. + few more things i.e Trends, No of results and Timestamp