I will review your song lyrics

review your song lyrics
review your song lyrics
review your song lyrics

About This Gig

I have written lyrics to many Rock, Pop, Folk and Funk songs for both bands and myself.  I have been writing songs for over 20 years and have had one of my songs nominated in the Singer/Songwriter category of the 2012 Music Oz Awards.  I would love to help you with your song/songs. 

> For $5 I will review 2 Verses and 1 Chorus of your song.

> I will provide you with feedback about how you might improve your lyrics in regards to rhyme, meter, subject matter etc...

>  I will send back to you a PDF of your lyrics with the changes I suggest written on it so that you may decide what you would like to do with the information I give you.

> I can also provide you with a short mp3 of me explaining my review of your lyric for just an extra $5 (see my gig extras).  This can be a big help as the exact meaning of sentences can often be misread in written text.

>Please only give me a maximum of 2 lyrics per order.  If you have multiple lyrics, please order reviews for them as separate gigs.  Thanks.