About This Gig

Advertise your business or business nationally and locally on a 104.7 FM radio station. Metro market  between 15,000 - 20,000 ppl. Demo 18-49 females & ages 25 - 54 General audience. For $5 a day you get 3 spins of the 30 audio . READ THE EXTRAS! If you don't have a ad we can produce the ad.. If you order for the month (most do) you must check ALL THE EXTRAS! ASK questions and please feel free msg B4 ordering! Inbox me BEFORE ordering! Not just a internet station. We have a physical FM signal. Thank you & looking forward to doing business w/you! Feel free to read our comments. We pride ourselves on underpromise but overdeliver. Rad management has allowed us this special deal with Fiverr. Very very cost effective. Do your research and contact local stations in your area and you will see how expensive regular radio advertisement is. Our most popular option is the monthly option but it all depends on your budget. We can only promise exposure of your product to listeners. We are not responsible for any loss or lack of response to your service or product. We can promise that thousands of listeners will hear what you have to offer!

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