I will broadcast your music on FM radio in 2 states to 1000s

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a wonderful job we gotta order again soon !
Reviewed by gregorywong 3 days ago
Awesome seller! Outstanding service to use for musicians wanting to get radio airplay! I highly recommend anyone wanting extra exposure for their music to use this service! They deliver everything as promised! Great job Kiss 104.7 fm. I appreciate you!
Reviewed by paulbuwa 3 days ago
Excellent seller! Best gig on Fiverr for radio promotion. I would highly recommend using this service! I am thrilled with hearing my song and name played on radio! I will use this service again and again! Thank you!!!
Reviewed by paulbuwa 10 days ago
Excellent gig. Thank you
Reviewed by rhymescheme 10 days ago
Thank you so much for this outstanding experience! I´ll be back very soon!!!
Reviewed by pr_delft_music 23 days ago
Absolutely great!!! Outstanding experience!!! Thank you so much!!!
Reviewed by pr_delft_music 23 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by cj50500 24 days ago
I am exited! I am happy! What a wonderful GIG and communication! I am lovin´ it and will order again for sure! I so glad to have found you!! Thank you for your kindness and thank you for all you have done for me :-) I will be back soon! Outstanding experience!!!!
Reviewed by wicosanii 18 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by darkdfd 24 days ago
Thank you so much, i always look forward to your services, thank you.
Reviewed by colinscity 28 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by willygachoki 28 days ago
Thanks for getting exposure to us "little guys"! Buy this gig!
Reviewed by rboog91355 30 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by hotnetwork1 about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by hotnetwork1 about 1 month ago
Great Gig!!!
Reviewed by hotnetwork1 about 1 month ago
To reach listeners in the states provided.
Reviewed by vhawlalawream about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by rgreenee about 1 month ago
Excellent service
Reviewed by osaman5040 3 months ago
Excellent work , i'll keep ordering from him .
Reviewed by gixstudio 3 months ago
Excellent, professional service! Would order again
Reviewed by miamigvn1970 4 months ago
broadcast your music on FM radio in 2 states to 1000s
broadcast your music on FM radio in 2 states to 1000s
broadcast your music on FM radio in 2 states to 1000s
broadcast your music on FM radio in 2 states to 1000s

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  I will promote your song for 1 day on Kiss 104.7 FM and spin 3 times that day I will promote your song for 30 days on Kiss 104.7 FM I will promote your song for 30 days on 3 stations and optional interview on Kiss 104.7 FM
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About This Gig

Kiss 104.7 is here to help offer a LEGIT promoting platform for new artists and artists who are looking for legit airplay on a FULL FM radio station. Traditional and with real listeners. While we do have a internet stream it doesn't matter if a internet station offers you 500 plays at 5 bucks..if nobody is listening then you are literally throwing your money away. We have REAL listeners that tune in their cars and in their homes via a radio. Our services may seem a little expensive but we are the real deal. If you have ever contacted a major station for promotion then you will know that the cost can be VERY expensive. We have different packages for your budget. For those that want to "hear" their music on the radio then the basic 5 dollar package should be enough. For those that are ready for real promotion then we have packages that deal with substantial airplay! We have stations that are BDS/Media base and BMI/ASCAP. Are you ready?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often will my music be played during the day?
    Airplay is determined by the package you purchase. For the initial 5 dollar package you receive 3 spins between the hours of 6am -11pm. It increases with the upgrade of package that you decide to order. By the time you order the 30 day package, your music is played literally 24 hours a day
  • Is this a real radio station or internet only?
    Kiss 104.7 is a real FM radio station with real listeners. We do have a internet stream but that is not our primary form of communication with listeners. We are licensed. We also follow FCC rules and regulations.
  • Can my music contain profanity?
    Absolutely not! The FCC does not take that kindly and all it takes is 1 complaint to lose a license. However in recent years the FCC not only holds the station responsible but can go after others as well. Make sure your music is clean and edited. NO station is going to risk losing their license.
  • Will I be payed royalities for my music?
    That really depends on how YOU are set up. If you are spending $5 or even spending a hundred dollars please understand that you need much more airplay before it's likely to be seen by BMI/ASCAP. Be realistic. 1 or 2 spins is NOT going to yield you a big check.
  • Do you offer proof of broadcast of my order? How will I know it was played?
    Yes we actually provide proof of broadcast audio that we send to you on your inbox. We record it off the station, commercials and all and send you a block of the audio
  • If i order a schedule for my commercial and get no response..can I get my money back?
    No. Like all other forms of advertisement you advertise at your own risk and budget. We are not responsible for any loss that might occur because of non response.. Traditionally the more you advertise the more response you are more likely to get..
  • Can I provide my own advertisement to submit to you?
    Yes you can. Just be sure its a 30 second ad unless you are doing a monthly order. Then we allow 60 seconds
  • Do I have to send you a mp3 or wav file? Can you download from Soundcloud or I tunes etc..?
    You need to send the actual song through fiverr. We don't download from 3rd party sites because 1) It takes too long and holds up the process. Number 2 we run the risks of virus etc.. If its your song then you should have a legitimate copy of your own song. We shouldn't have to do your work for you