I will help answer your nutrition questions

help answer your nutrition questions

About This Gig

Leading a healthier lifestyle starts by learning more about the foods we eat, how they affect our body or even, how to use them to achieve our health and fitness goals. 

  • Do you know how to read a Nutrition Fact Table?

  • Is coconut oil good?

  • What is the Paleo, DASH, Mediterranean, or Lemonade Diet?

  • Are multivitamins effective or just a waste of money?

  • What foods are good on a diabetic diet?

  • Which food product is better?

  • What are some non-meat protein sources? 

For these or any other questions you may have, I am ready and willing to answer them for you!  Remember.... the more you know about foods, the easier it is to make healthy, informed choices.

Basic Gig ($5) Includes:
Answer to your Nutrition Question
  • General research and concise response to your question using some sources
  • Includes 250 words

NOTE: It is one basic gig per question. 

Want more? Check on the add-on below!

More content (+$5) includes:

  • In-depth research and detailed response to your question using various sources
  • Includes an additional 200 words min.

Copy of used and other sources (+$5):
  • Links to academic journals articles, websites, blogs or organizations used relating to your question - Includes 5 links

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