I will create article writing website using wordpress for $5

create article writing website using wordpress
create article writing website using wordpress

About This Gig

This is for a professional article writing reseller website

You are NOT looking at some website put together overnight - this is a fully functional site with all addons and plugins installed to manage sales, track visitors and conversions through the backend.

Killer design
Site fully optimized for conversions & sales tracking
Super hot niche (article writing)
Premium domain
Fully outsourced business
Wordpress based site. No experience required and no maintenance
Step-by-step instructions on how to install this site quickly - you can’t go wrong here
Full aftersales service included. I will help you set everything up so you can start running the business as soon as you receive it.

How does it work?

The user places an order through your website. All the information that they filled in + their exact order is automatically emailed to you and also viewable in detail through the Wordpress backend.

You then place the same order at your supplier’s website for much less and you strike up a simple, neat little profit. 
Please contact us via message if you have questions, comments, concerns 

Delivery is within 4 days 

Contact us for demo

Cost:15 gigs 

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