I will show you why your business website is turning people away

show you why your business website is turning people away

About This Gig

My experience in building three businesses using social media and websites allows me to give you a professional's knowledge from a customer's perspective.  I will look over the site you send me and provide you with my impressions from a customer's perspective.  Too many professionals build their websites and branding based on their own likes and desires, when they should be built with customers in mind.
When I look at your website I will be doing so with a fresh perspective and can show you things such as:
- How does the styling look to a potential customer?
- Does your site encourage trust from the customer?
- Is it clear and easy to understand?
- Are there any spelling or grammatical errors that are glaring and will cause customer's to lose respect for your business?

And the most important question of all, 'As a customer, will I be buying from this business?'

You will receive a short report of my three first impressions and way you could improve your website to encourage potential customers to purchase from, or engage with, your brand and business.

Order Details

2 days delivery

Website Impression

In-depth investigation of website from customer's perspective. Report of top three problems found.