I will help you better communicate with your partner

help you better communicate with your partner

About This Gig

I am here to help. 

Usually there is more to the arguments then the points made on the surface. 

I have presented my workshop on how to have healthy dialogue around the country for the last 4 years. I have taken all my tips and tricks and have adapted them to couples. 

Story 1
Last year, a couple that had been separated both romantically and geographically had a very public blowout. I knew they hated each other for very different reasons and the jabs they were taking did not help. I worked with both people extensively for a few weeks to find out exactly what it was that bothered them. By getting to the core, both partners knew one solid step they could take to melding their severed relationship and making a better life for their child. 

It takes a free and creative imagination to think, visualize, and conspire within ourselves enough to take actions and break through what is holding us back. It takes encouragement and support to bolster our self esteem and confidence levels enough to charge forward and make our life a masterpiece.

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help you better communicate with your partner