About This Gig

This gig will be completed by my boyfriend as seen in the demo.  Sorry, but I'm not crazy enough to do this one...I still a few of my marbles left!

My boyfriend will say anything you want on video; a happy birthday wish, a business testimonial on how great your chocolate syrup is, a message to send someone just to freak them out, and so much more.  Whatever you want, he has you covered.

Tired of posting the same old "Happy birthday" messages on Facebook?  This gig is perfect for you.  Stand out from the rest with a personal happy birthday video greeting or a funny Valentine's Day message!

He will convey your message while wearing only his underwear and will rub chocolate syrup all over his chubby belly.  We will throw in some music (from his royalty free collection) into the mix and get you a great and extremely bizarre video.

Want your video similar to the demo version?  Just let us know.  We can do custom scripts as well, up to 100 words.  Need more than 100 words?  Just order a gig for each 100 words of your script.

Shock your friends/family/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/etc. today with a custom video made by Mr. White Chocolate.

Turn Around Time:
4 days without a rush option