I will create a 7 day vegan meal plan for you

create a 7 day vegan meal plan for you

About This Gig

Hey guys. Welcome to my gig!

How exciting that you're thinking about a vegan lifestyle - or are maybe already a practicing vegan looking for some healthy new ideas. Maybe you're stuck in a rut with your vegan diet and keep eating your 3 or 4 go-to meals each week, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of recipes out there with a 30-item shopping list.

I can help you with all this, saving you time and money, and introducing you to plenty of mouthwatering easy-to-make recipes.

Building on my own experience as a vegan for the last 19 years, and my background in health coaching, I have put together an approachable vegan meal plan that's easy to follow.

For $5 you'll get a 1-week vegan meal plan.

For $15 you'll get a 3-week vegan meal plan.

For $35 you'll get a 4-week holistic healthy living plan, including vegan meal plans for 28 days, yoga and exercise plans, with a few extras.

For $65 you'll get a personalised 4-week holistic healthy living plan after an initial 60-minute live consultation.

Let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to hearing from you.


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