I will send you a video of my puppy

send you a video of my puppy
send you a video of my puppy
send you a video of my puppy
send you a video of my puppy

About This Gig

Jinx is a special pup. No, really! She's training to become a therapy dog, meaning she'll be taught skills that will help soothe or placate people with certain mental health issues. But when she's not working hard in her intense training (filled with lots of pats and treats), she's running around like a wild animal at the dog park or snuggling with my limbs in a desperate plea for attention from her hard-working mama.

If you need a pick-me-up, Jinx is happy to help! Together, she and I will help make your day better. Whether it's by dancing and singing to silly songs together or compiling a video of her greatest oops moments, we're here to make sure you know that you're special and can get a special puppy video at any moment! I work from home, meaning I have Fiverr open at all times while I type up assignments, so as soon as I get your order, we start making the video!

You can order any kind of video that you want. Message me if you're not sure we can do what you want, but some of her favorites include coating herself in dirt, learning to sit, and singing Usher. Don't diddle daddle. We're waiting!

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See the Dog!

I'll make a 1-5m video of my dog, edit it, and post it to her youtube.

1 day delivery
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