I will professionally proofread and edit your writings for $5

professionally proofread and edit your writings
professionally proofread and edit your writings

About This Gig

Proofreading and editing a writing are important steps to improve it. To proofread and edit imply to correct the errors of a writing and present the intent(s) of the writer in more lucid diction, more fascinating aura and boosting its assertive flavor. I am an editor who is intrigued by polished and purified writings. Hence, I also devote my time and expertise to rendering proficient proofreading and editing on writings so as to deliver more refined, more purified and error-bereft writings. My proofreading and editing services encompass:

Thorough reading, discovery and rectification of errors.

Employing suitable punctuation and conjunctions to replace unsuitable ones in order to boost the the cohesiveness and coherence of the writing.

Replacing lesser contextually appropriate word(s) for more contextually appropriate one(s) so as to enhance the focus of the writing.

Doing a general and overall refining and polishing of the writing in a way that will fascinate and enchant the reader to keep on reading.

I proofread and edit writings to make quality and top notch deliveries irrespective of the topic/subject. 

I am always ready to empower your writings. Empower me by hiring me to do so.