I will advise you to WAIT before you master your song

advise you to WAIT before you master your song
advise you to WAIT before you master your song
advise you to WAIT before you master your song
advise you to WAIT before you master your song

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  ***MP3 128bit*** (Best for songs peaking at -.1db) ***MP3 320bit*** (Best for songs peaking at -.1db) Audio going directly to Soundcloud, etc. ***Wav 32 bit*** (Best for songs peaking at -6db) Audio going to Mastering
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About This Gig

For those who are working in home studios, it can be a bit frustrating trying to get your audio to sound good when you are first starting off. We are made to believe that if we get our record mastered, it will fix everything. Which is NOT true. What IS true is that the better your record sounds before mastering, the better it will sound after mastering. This is where this gig can help. I have created my own formula for bridging a mix to the mastering process which is done 100% through Equalization. This means I'm not processing your audio with compression, distortion, saturation or exciters. The results of my work will leave the record with a better overall balance. When mastering a record that has a "sweet spot" balance, it can be pushed a whole lot further! Money Back Guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this the same as mastering?
    This is a part of my mastering chain. I usually do this first.
  • What is head room?
    On your master fader, .1 is where peaking occurs. Mixing your record in lower levels so that the master fader audio never reaches 0 is where the term headroom comes from. If the audio on the master fader stops at -6db, you have 6db's of headroom.
  • What is a "Sweet Spot" Balance?
    A term I completely made up! So my definition of it is a perfect balance.
  • Can my record sound great even if the mix isn't as good?
    This is strictly a case by case deal. If your record is in the ball park, I can help it. If it is not in the ball park, I can still help it. It just wouldn't be as good as if it were mixed properly.
  • Do you offer other services?
    YES! I can master your Records. I can also Mix your records and give you two versions. One with it mastered by me and one unmastered version. (Free of Charge for my master on my mix)
  • Can I hear more samples of your work?
    YES! I have more sample eq's here for you to listen to. http://bit.ly/FiverrEQSamples