I will record your Audiobook and advise you on Audible ACX for $5

/ 29 Days On Average

About This Gig

You've become aware of Audible.com / ACX and the growing market for Audio .

Important ! To save time please ensure you have created an ACX account(that's how files are uploaded to audible.com) .You can't do this UNLESS your book is already on Amazon.Remember Audible.com set the audio-book price ( you don't control their pricing).

 I can record and narrate  and even advise you how to upload to Audible.com.

Obviously this all can't be provided  for $5,I've no option when titling this service but to show $5,that's the Fiverr Template.Recording audio-books is a specialized area.I am looking to work with Authors who understand this and need my service.I'll happily read 150 words of Blurb for $5.

For  a customized offer ,simply contact me and tell me how many words are in your manuscript...and I'll advise you from there and include a free sample read of a few lines.

Best wishes

Mark Manning

Voice Over and Audio-books Artist credits include : Mercedes, Adidas, Coca Cola,Lego

 Author's TESTIMONIALS  are to be found here under Gallery (see PDF)