I will sing happy birthday as marilyn monroe

THANK YOU for making it F-U-N!
Reviewed by sharonsprink over 1 year ago
This is truly gob smackingly brilliant, thank you
Reviewed by davejames1510 over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by pallav1 over 1 year ago
I asked for a custom order of a song to be performed and the result were awesome!
Reviewed by j_stice247 almost 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by rontren about 2 years ago
Another fantastic performance! Thank you <3 The Tarinfell Team
Reviewed by alishab1191 over 2 years ago
You are best
Reviewed by mustang67an over 2 years ago
Quick turn around! Great job!
Reviewed by kristofertm over 2 years ago
Reviewed by manonvanessen over 2 years ago
I love thank you so much you are the best
Reviewed by bellaxan over 2 years ago
Reviewed by jnagler over 2 years ago
:D Excellent work
Reviewed by microinc over 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by davkrev over 2 years ago
Excellent! Super fast service & great video!
Reviewed by davkrev over 2 years ago
Saw this and thought it was the weirdest one out of them all and I was right it's amazing!
Reviewed by stubhead over 2 years ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by kjel79 over 2 years ago
Perfect. Thank you.
Reviewed by orgrangf over 2 years ago
Reviewed by ofirzvik over 2 years ago
Marylin! You. Are. Awesome. Exactly what we had hoped. And then some. Five stars!
Reviewed by alexander190 over 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ashafer15 over 2 years ago
sing happy birthday as marilyn monroe
sing happy birthday as marilyn monroe
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Marilyn for Karina 2016
Marilyn for Vikrant
Marilyn for Adam
Bob Fuller Redo

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Description The Boo Boopy Do The Mr President The Some Like It Hot
  I will sing Happy Birthday n make em laugh with inside inside info you share with ol Marilyn As per Basic Package but with 48 Hr delivery,I'll also Flash ma Big White Panties n Dance Like Crazy As Basic and Standard but with 24 Hr turnaround & make out with a jpeg pic u send me & Boobies? :)
Delivery time 2 days 1 day

About This Gig

Modern Day Marilyn will sing Happy Birthday to your Victim.
Acting parts (as well as other parts) have dried up for Marilyn now in her 80s 

The movie Goddess has lost none of the chutzpah that made her the plaything of POWERFUL men and SEX SIREN of a generation.

Marilyn may be reduced to doing gigs for Fiverr, but Heh! a Gals gotta make a livin' huh?.

This is THE REAL Marilyn as she would appear today,had she not been assassinated in Chappaquiddick in 2006

WARNING! MARILYN AIMS ONLY TO ENTERTAIN.The complaints of the thin skinned  will meet with Sinatra's Guys nailing their whiny knees to the Door!

                                    IF YOU CAN'T TAKE A JOKE  DO NOT ORDER

                                                             IDEAL  for

Birthday Greetings-Get Wells- Hazing newbies & Roasting of imminent Retirees 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this work Miss Monroe?
    Sugar Pie Honey Bunch ,Just tell me ALLLLL about you loved one,likes/dislikes,pets,Exs,Nick Names,recent or past life events,bad or kinky habits,political views, ANYTHING An in da Flash of a Boobie I'll weave it in to the presentation an make it my owny-kins and send you the vide ta make yall laugh
  • How is the Video Delivered Miss Monroe?
    Hmmmm that question gives me a headache ,it's a tough one ...nah jus kiddin' I send you the video on fiverr an if I can't upload it I'll send you a Dropbox Link :) xxx
  • How Do You 'Make out with a JPEG ! Miss Monroe ?
    Well ya sends me a photie of your Hottie n then I print it and slobber over it (some times ,I'll slobber over a screen (i-pad or whateva) but only if I'm outta printer inky dink ;)
  • What if I don't Like it Miss Monroe?
    Ya can lump it Mac ! :))
  • What Color are your Panties Miss Monroe ?
    Sugar Ya can have any Color as long they're white! ....or order the relevant gig-a-roon and find out:)
  • Advice for getting this right Miss Monroe?
    Get me 3 or 4 Key points about your Loved One.Let me Know what is CRUCIAL I Don't Leave out.If for any reason (other than someone is offended...see warning on Gig Description) I goof up ,only then will I do a redo ..and that'll be no problem :)
  • Does it Hurt when you Burst the Boo Boopy Boobies Miss Monroe?
    Only your Bank Balance Honey ! Nope THEY IS ONLY BALLOONS ...Duh! ;) x x x