I will write 2 creative SEO articles of 500 words each

write 2 creative SEO articles of 500 words each

About This Gig

Are you looking for a SEO, high quality and well researched article that will;

  • Get any Reader/visitor attention to your blog or site?
  • Benefit the Reader as well as your Business, Website, or Blog?

Then I must congratulate you on seeing the page because should you proceed on to order this gig,

You would get;

  •     A unique article content written in a well toned style with only a single purpose-getting your audience enticed and getting them to take a step further
  •     A 100% unique SEO optimized article that would rank well on search engines. 

   I’m a seasoned writer whose Content Writing  is nothing short of an exceptional superb service which my clients had/have the previlege of experiencing 
My requirements to get you an outstanding article are:

  • Writing style or tone (optional).
  • Keyword(s)
  • A title (optional)

What you get in return:

 2 carefully written Top Quality SEO Articles of 500 words each in length.

Please check my Gig Extras should you require more than an  Order  
Right now you're a single step, a few dollars and an order away from receiving a high quality, perfectly formed piece of writing 

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1 day delivery 2 Revisions


I will write 2 SEO creative articles of 500 words each on any topic of your choosing.

  • Up to 1 Focus Word