I will give you a RECIPE to fix your mood

give you a RECIPE to fix your mood

About This Gig

This gig will fix your mood via food, does that sound like a tall order.....?

"I am going to tell you a little about Rinco's Restaurant (or Shokudo Katatsumuri), where the chef owner had lost her voice due to the break-up with her partner. She returned home to set up a restaurant with NO MENU. Only one couple was invited to dine each evening, and the owner would take great pleasure in preparing dishes to suit their personal tastes and wishes, and ultimately to fix their troubles. The food in this unusual restaurant would magically mend a 'broken' heart, and help it's customers to find love again. The owner herself was even able to regain her love for life, in the pleasure she took from preparing the dishes; and ultimately was able to conquer the heart of her lover, who too was transformed into a loveable gentleman."

This gig will aim to do the same, you tell me your mood and I will give you a recipe to fix your mood, be it:

"I'm feeling upset...."

"My team just lost the Cup"

"I am homesick..."

"I miss my boyfriend/girlfriend...."  (well, we've all been there!)

May I invite you to have some fun and try this gig :)

Thank you!

N.B. This gig is strictly for fun and entertainment purposes only.

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