I will guide You On Alibaba Sourcing and Negotiation

guide You On Alibaba Sourcing and Negotiation

About This Gig

I have spent hundreds of hours dealing with suppliers through Alibaba. Skype calls, Wechat, Emails you name it. Its a hassle and the communication is a barrier. Its also not just down to language, but as boring as it sounds, customs and etiquette. You need to know who you are dealing with, and when it comes to being technical with Alibaba - you need to be aware of the cracks that are easy to fall through. You also need to be successful.

I will provide you my step by step guide where I walk you through:

  • Setting up your Alibaba account to be taken seriously by suppliers - **must**
  • Product sourcing from the right suppliers and 
  • How to avoid the wrong suppliers
  • Negotiating for the cheapest price 
  • Understanding Chinese Customs & Behaviour

  • Bonus: Face to Face Market negotiation

These guides will help you become a better negotiator, trader and product scout for your business. They will save you hassle, time, effort and of course, money.

Alibaba Guide only $5
Alibaba Guide, Chinese Customs Guide, Formality Guide + As Many questions you like  $10