I will translate Japanese to English or vice versa

translate Japanese to English or vice versa

About This Gig

Please contact me before placing an order! I don't want anyone's time wasted, and I usually respond very quickly :)

I am a bilingual half-Japanese currently living in Japan (but I have also lived in the United States for much of my childhood). I am offering my services here on Fiverr.com as a translator.

I am mostly interested in translating smaller texts that don't necessitate high-paid or technically-trained professionals. Small websites, manga, songs, and so on, from Japanese to English, or from English to Japanese. I am not looking for highly-technical or commercial work, or jobs that require lots of specialized vocabulary that I am unfamiliar (legal jargon, pharmaceutical terminology, etc.)

I am a native speaker of both English and Japanese, and have attended school in both languages, so rest assured the end-product will be clear and natural.

Because I am willing to translate a variety of media, the "base fee" of $5 might mean a few things.

Typically, you can expect about 150 words/$5

Even though my gig gives a maximum of 3 days to deliver, I almost always deliver within the day (unless it's a bulk order).

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me!