I will tutor you in English

tutor you in English
tutor you in English

About This Gig

  • Do you have questions about English?
  • Have you always wanted to ask an English speaker?

My name is Ben. I am a writer, and I write on the topic of language and general semantics. I want to help you better understand American English.  I will gladly tutor you over Fiverr by answering any questions you have about English.

For $5, you can ask me up to 5 questions about English. I will:
  • Provide answers to your questions using Fiverr messages
  • Provide explanations to improve your understanding
  • Allow follow-up questions related to your 5 questions
  • Give you up to 12 days to ask
  • Order more gigs to ask more English questions!

I am very supportive and work hard to help you understand.  Example questions about English you might ask could be:

  • Is it proper to say this when I am upset? "I am over the moon!"
  • What does the phrase "in the heat of the moment" mean?
  • Is it better to say "I'm going to sleep on it" or "I'm going to go to sleep on it"?

No question is off limits!  You can ask all 5 questions at once, or 
over 12 days you can ask as you think of them.

I am in New York City, but you can ask a question anytime. All questions should be phrased in English, and all replies will be in English. Give me a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?
    It's easy! You ask a question about English and I answer it! Ideally, you list each question as Q1, Q2, Q3, etc., and I will reply with answers as A1, A2, A3, etc. If you have related questions, those are free to ask and I will reply until you understand. You ask the questions within 12 days.
  • How long do I have to ask my 5 questions?
    You have a long time! You can ask your questions over a 12-day period. If you haven't asked all of your questions in that time period, just ask for an extension. I should be able to grant an extension without a problem.