About This Gig

Welcome to Benny and Millie's joke shop! Thanks to people  buying our jokes on Fiverr and lots of donations we now live in a cool wheelchair accessible house! We were raising money for our wheelchair house. Now we are telling jokes because WE LIKE TELLING JOKES!!!

You can choose what sort of joke you want - jokes about school, pirates, knock knock jokes, silly jokes, rude jokes (about poo) etc. You can also say who you want to perform your joke (Benny or Millie), and how you want to receive it - on video, as an audio file or text. We especially like performing our jokes on video!.We will send you the link to YouTube or Audioboo, and can also send you the original file if you like. We will try our very best to get the joke to you as soon as possible (but remember we do have to go to school and have to be in bed by 7.30pm each night!). You can see many of our jokes by going to YouTube by typing "Benny and Millie".