I will record you one hour relaxing sounds for meditation

Communication is important and excellent his english. Service better than described. It was a customized offer. So I only can recommend this provider. [ sorry for my bad english. its not my native tongue ]
Reviewed by heartlight almost 2 years ago
record you one hour relaxing sounds for meditation
record you one hour relaxing sounds for meditation

About This Gig

Do you love the calming sounds of nature? Sounds that make you relax and forget the worries and stress of your busy life?

Hello, I'm Georgi and I love the beauty of nature. Being fortunate to live right in Stara Planina, Bulgaria, I can make you a wonderful recording and capture the ambient sounds of the forest. 

For only 5$ I will record you a 1 hour session of high-quality natural sounds up to your preference. 

The video above explains you all the choices you have when you place your order. If something isn't mentioned there and you'd like to get it done - contact me first as I would love to hear and try your idea. 

Another thing is that if you pick raindrops, tell me in advance because it doesn't rain every day here. :D

You'll receive your recording in 48 hours or extra-fast for 24 hours.

Money-back guarantee included if you're not satisfied with the delivery.