I will give you barber advice on life

give you barber advice on life

About This Gig

There will always be a time every now and then when life…tests you.  Your mind, your heart, your emotions, your reason and your logic…they all serve you well but the message is mixed.  I have spent many years as a barber and have heard great stories, tragic stories, and everything in between.  I have lived vicariously through many of my clients, their successes are my successes just as much as their problems are my problems. 
My clients pay for their haircut and about 30 minutes of my time,  you pay a small fraction of what they get, no haircut, and 20-30 minutes of my life.   

I have heard it all although I never cease to be surprised by the stories I hear.  
A little about me, I am an old soul who sees life through a clear lens.  I am well educated and I have over 10 years experience working as a barber.  I offer real, honest, and unbiased solutions to your problems and everyday conundrums.  If not satisfied with the exchange, I offer a return of your money.  All I wish to do is help my brothers and sisters out there, and hopefully earn enough funds to jumpstart my inner-city urban farming initiative! 

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