I will do detailed keyword research for best SEO

do detailed keyword research for best SEO

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Description Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
  It includes Keyword Research for your Home Page It includes Plan 1 + Competitor Analysis + OnPage SEO Report It includes Plan 2 + Bad Link Removal + Citations Check + SEO Report
Website Audit
An assessment of your site to understand your niche and ensure it's aligned with industry best practices
Action Plan
A list of action steps you can use as a short-term strategy following your gig's completion.
Competitors Researched
The number of competitors the seller will research
1 3
Keywords Researched
The number of keywords relating to your niche that the seller will research to help you gain max exposure
5 10 15
Delivery time 4 days 7 days 9 days
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About This Gig

Hey, Welcome to my gig!

I have delivered 35,000+ Gigs and have maintained 100% Ratings in last 5 Years.

To rank any website, research is very important. It includes Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, OnPage SEO Status, Bad Links Check & Removal, Current Citations check to know inconsistent NAP and a S.E.O Plan. So, you are at RIGHT place because I will do all this for you.

I have 3 Plans stated below:

Plan 1 includes:
  • Keyword Research: I will do in-depth Keyword Research and will give you a report.

Plan 2 includes:
  • Plan 1
  • Competitor Analysis: I will analyze your 3 competitors and will tell you why they rank above you. If you solve these issues you may get above them!
  • OnPage S.E.O Report: It contains all OnPage issues which needs to be fixed to help your site get ranked

Plan 3 includes:
  • Plan 2
  • Bad Links Removals: I will remove all bad links created so that our website it google friendly
  • Citations Check: I will check previous Citations for consistent NAP
  • S.E.O Plan: You will also get a Tailored Action S.E.O plan which you may follow to get ranked!

So, it is the BEST gig available exclusive at Fiverr which will give you the correct status and HQ Research. Order Today!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Keyword Research?
    It is a research where we find the best keywords for your page for which it is advisable to get ranked from traffic and relevancy point of view. My motive will be to give you High ROI keywords.
  • What is Competitor Analysis?
    It is the analysis which we do to find why your competitors are ahead of you. Is it due to their good OnPage SEO or Good bakclinks or Good SMM Strategy? So, it's a custom report for your site which includes the result of research we do from your top 3 competitors.
  • What is OnPage SEO Report?
    It is the report which states the current status of your site. We try to go into very minute details so that we can tell you all issues which can be fixed to make your site Google Friendly. It is said if a site has SUPERB onpage SEO, it needs very less backlinks. Try it!
  • What is "Bad Links Removals"?
    One of the most common reason for not getting ranked is having bad backlinks. So, we find and analyze each backlink and tell you which needs to be removed. We would need access to your Webmaster Tools for this, so that we can disavow all such links.
  • What is Citations Check?
    If you own a Local Business and want to get ranked on Google Maps or Google Pack-3 then having consistent NAP is the MOST IMPORTANT thing. I will find all citations your site have and will tell you which are NOT consistent. You may get all inconsistent citations updated or removed.
  • What is SEO Plan?
    This is what every site owner NEEDS & none of the SEO Analyst GIVES :) But once I have done all research, I will give you the best SEO plan which you may follow to get results. Once you have it, you will NEVER need any SEO Agency. You will know what to do and How to do. Order it Today!
  • Why my pricing is higher as compared to other sellers?
    Well, you can't compare Apples with Oranges! Still if you need an answer please go to https://www.fiverr.com/best_seo and check the feedbacks. Maintaining 100% Rating from 19,000+ feedbacks is NOT A JOKE! I do BEST work and get BEST ratings! You will also get BEST work at BEST price.
  • Do you also fix all issues which you tell in your report?
    Yes & NO. No, we will NOT do this in a Gig. Yes, you may get in touch with me once you get your analysis and SEO Plan done. I can give you a quote on how I can do all the things fixed which I found.
  • Does this gig work for ALL countries?
    Yes, it works for all where website content is in ENGLISH.