I will teach you forex profitability code

teach you forex profitability code

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The Forex Profitability Code trading system is a powerful system that has performed very well during the Demo and the Live Rounds of the recent Surefire Trading Challenge. It went up against thousands of other systems and won. This system beat 4000 systems to win the Live Round with a one month gain of 100.99% in Real Live Money Trading. This may be considered an advanced trading system that would be ideal for intermediate to advanced traders that are familiar with trading the Forex market but can also be very powerful in the hands of novice traders. The system relies on Fibonacci retracements, Moving Averages and the Williams Percent Range indicator. The system has also been designed to work on an intraday basis but it can be applied to all timeframes and all the available currency pairs. The Forex Profitability Code system is very easy to apply once you are familiar with the rules. It uses a 1:2 risk/reward ratio which means you could potentially gain more than you risk on each trade that you enter.
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