I will teach You How To Profit in Stock and Commodity

teach You How To Profit in Stock and Commodity

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                                                            You Are Already a
                                                             Commodity Trader.
 Whether you know it or not, you have been trading commodities all your life. Sure, you may have never traded a contract of Pork Bellies, but you have almost certainly traded a possession like a car, house, or antique for someone else's money or possession. If you have never done that, for sure you have traded time for money. You never know when the markets will do what you think they are supposed to do. Many times, like God, the market does not deny, it just delays. Serious traders weave protection against this delay into the fabric of their program. There is no greater rule to learn than that of money management. All the horror stories you have heard about commodity trading are true. Good people have been totally wiped out by doing the wrong thing.Positive beliefs about future results cause us to take on undue risk. Doing that in a game where the odds are unfavorable to begin with is a sure invitation to disaster.
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