I will animate a firing MACHINEGUN for $5

animate a firing MACHINEGUN
animate a firing MACHINEGUN
animate a firing MACHINEGUN
animate a firing MACHINEGUN

About This Gig

This impressive videо of an actual firing machine gun (M249 SAW) will present your brand in an unforgettable, never-seen-before way.

: Contact me before you order to get a free preview of how the end result would look like.

Works great with a logo, a photo or even another video. Add a website address or some short tagline!

No logo? No problem! If you don't have a suitable image I will simply put up some text of your choice, for example a slogan or the company motto.

Suitable for your business, product, website, advertisements, video portals like YouTube and Vimeo or even as a screensaver in your company's offices. Only available on Fiverr.com!

If you order now you will get

✔ Duration: 21 seconds
✔ HD video quality (1080p)
✔ MP4 file(or tell me what you need)
✔ The same audio as in the above preview
✔ Lifetime backup service: if you lose your file, I'll send it to you again
✔ 100% compatibility. Playable on PC, Apple, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry...

What is required from you?

This  stunningly professional real world video can use images, videos and text. So all you need to supply is:
➲ An image
➲ a video
AND optionally
➲ some text

Shoot down the competition. Order this video now!