I will make a FAIRYTALE baby photo album

make a FAIRYTALE baby photo album
make a FAIRYTALE baby photo album

About This Gig

I am offering a 5 minute long, animated baby photo album. It can contain images and videos. Works with Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, your website or even as a computer screen saver.

It is a cute, beautiful fairy tale showing the journey of a flying character over a fantasy land ruled by your child.

NO RISK: Contact me before you order to get a free preview of how the end result would look like.

Important: Due to site restrictions, demos are limited to 60 seconds. The actual animation is 5 minutes long. Message me to see the full version. Only available on Fiverr.com!

For just $5 you get:
✔ 5 minutes duration
✔ A way to show 52 photos / videos
✔ HD video quality (1080p)
✔ Any song you want as a background sound
✔ Lifetime backup service: if you lose your file, I'll send it to you again
✔ 100% compatibility. Playable on PC, Apple, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry...

Let your offspring remember you even 100 years from now as they keep finding the video in the family heirloom!

Ways  to use the animation:
➲ show your child to the world
➲ find baby photos of your parents and surprise them
➲ show your grandchildren a cute cartoon of their parent as a baby

Make other parents jealous. Order this video now!