I will put anything on a firing BATTLESHIPS flag

Great job, very pleased with my video! Would buy from this seller again! :)
Reviewed by willscopycenter about 1 year ago
Great and fast work
Reviewed by jncservice almost 2 years ago
OUTSTANDING ! This wonderful artist was super-fast . Great Job ! Thanks Mate !
Reviewed by eighttoejoe almost 2 years ago
Hi Thanks! You have exceeded my expectations and delivered so fast!! Your attention to detail is perfect Thank you thank you!!
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put anything on a firing BATTLESHIPS flag
put anything on a firing BATTLESHIPS flag

About This Gig

This impressive videо of a real battleship will present your brand in an unforgettable, never-seen-before way.

Works great with a logo, a photo or even another video. Add a website address or some short tagline!

NO RISK: Contact me before you order to get a free preview of how the end result would look like.

Suitable for your business, product, website, advertisements, video portals like YouTube and Vimeo or even as a screensaver in your company's offices. Only available on Fiverr.com!

If you order now you will get

✔ Duration: 36 seconds
✔ HD video quality (1080p)
✔ MP4 videо (or tell me what you need)
✔ The same audio as in the above preview
✔ Lifetime backup service: if you lose your file, I'll send it to you again
✔ 100% compatibility. Playable on PC, Apple, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry...

What is required from you?

This  stunningly professional real world video contains a flag which can hold images, videos and text. So all you need to supply is:
➲ An image
➲ a video
AND optionally
➲ some text

No logo? No problem! If you don't have a suitable image I will simply use some text of your choice like for example a slogan or the company motto.

Stand out from the crowd. Order this video now!