I will boost your League of Legends account for $5

3 Days On Average
boost your League of Legends account
boost your League of Legends account

About This Gig

**Please read before buying***

We are professional boosters @ lolelobooster.com we dedicate all of our time to satisfy our customers. We have high diamond boosters and Challenger. We can boost up to any division.

- One gig DOESNT include 3 promo games for any division or tier - if you want me to help you with promo games, please take a look at my gig extras

- One gig includes 2 wins, If I lose a game I will win you a game and start where I left until I get 2 wins.

- Can boost from Bronze - Platinum easily. 

- You have to provide your account information after you have purchased this gig

NA,EUW AND LAN SERVERS! Please contact me before ordering!

I also sale one game wins if requested. Ask me about price

All other Divisons above $15 will be charges as extra gigs.

Bronze: $10 per division

Silver:   $20 per division up to Silver 1. 
S1-G5:   $25

Gold:    $30 per division up to Gold 1
G1-P5   $40

Platinum: $50 per division up to Platinum 1.
P1-D5:      $65 

Diamond 5-Diamond 4: $65
Diamond 4-Diamond 3: $75
Diamond 3-Diamond 2: $85
Diamond 2-Diamond 1: $95