I will mail your letter or postcard anonymously

mail your letter or postcard anonymously

About This Gig

To express love, evoke laughter, speak your mind or share a secret - the reason for sending an anonymous letter is yours.

Send your letter or postcard to my P.O. Box in Rhode Island and I will mail it for you immediately. My mailing address will be provided once you have engaged my service.

For U.S. mailing addresses only: If you'd prefer, you can send me your typed letter via email. I'll print it out, address your envelope, provide a U.S. postage stamp and mail it within 24 hours.

If you want to send a letter but struggle to find the right words, see my gig extra. I'll compose your letter with you or for you. Message me before purchasing this option.

As a gig extra, I'm also available to hand write your letter up to 100 words.

No negativity or anger, please.

I look forward to helping you.

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1 day delivery