I will take a picture of your sign in new york city

take a picture of your sign in new york city

About This Gig

I will make a sign for your message and take a picture of it in NYC!

I live near a lot of really cool and ever changing Bushwick graffiti, so that is an example of an area I could go. On the subway, on the streets, these are the standards. Places like Washington Square Park, Union Square, very easy for me and the places I'd typically go.

If you want somewhere specific, PLEASE send me a message first! It does take me 45 minutes to get somewhere like Times Square, and it may not always be possible, but I will do my best to accommodate, especially if you give me advance notice. Please discuss if you want a specific place or time! I do work other jobs :]

Unless extra funds provided for, I will not travel to locations which I need to pay to attend, like Empire State Building/Statue of Liberty, etc. If you want to fork over the $24 for me to go up to Empire State Building, okay, but this project is really just more street level NYC :]

**I did once have a request for a morning news show to stand outside. I will consider this, but it would be a premium gig, as it is very time consuming!**

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you go anywhere in NYC?
    I will go anywhere I can easily take the MTA subway or bus. BUT I NEED NOTICE, I do have multiple jobs :] Please note, extensive travel time may add to gig pricing so please consult first.
  • Will you hold any sign?
    I will hold any PG rated sign. If you have doubts that it may be in any way questionable material, please reach out first.